Canopies and Door Porch

Canopies and Door Porch of your dreams

Classic canopies is designed for installation over traditional entrance door to the building. Structure made ​​from aluminum painted with powder or from laminated wood painted in color. As a covering material used polycarbonate panels with fixings for system design.

The advantage of laminated wood over solid wood:

  • makes it possible to obtain a large cross-section and length,
  • has greater stability and strength gluing wood to prevent cracks,
  • is easier to install does not swell and deform has a higher fire resistance is more resistant,
  • to moisture and aggressive environment

Construction canopies is built with aluminum supporting structure. The whole structure is powder-coated.

Marquis window is a cantilevered canopy loggias and balconies attached to the underside of the balcony slab.
Used as cover for the type of roofing polycarbonate panels. The construction of the roof is made ​​of aluminum with powder coated.

Canopies are designed for the safety of users. The products were tested fo  strength, as confirmed by structural designs.

Canopies protect the plate the balcony from the destructive action of rain water.
This applies in particular for balconies which are not well insulated building panel.

Polycarbonate panels came with 10 years guaranty. All prices including fitting and installation.

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