Polycarbonate Panels

The polycarbonate panels are one of the most interesting solutions for the construction, unconventional and light translucent roofing. Panels can be performed both on a wooden, or aluminium structure and the roof. The system allows the selection of the shape of the roof, which can be a classic flat roof, steep roof area or cylindrical surface. This solution is used on millions of meters of roofs in Europe.

The polycarbonate panels are mainly used as a cover terraces, balconies, canopies over the entrance of the building, glazed porch and patio. Can also be used with creating pergolas, skylights, canopies for loading ramps, indoor go between the buildings, to cover the pavilions and garden shields.

Panels are strong and durable. Strength, shape and appearance remain unchanged for many years.

Cover panel is flexible and can be freely formed without adversely affecting its durability. The roof is therefore not only attractive, but also durable. Panels tolerates the storm, heavy rain or snow, high and very low temperature. Thanks to the excellent system of locks folded do not need to drill holes.

The design of the panels is based on the system connects snap with no holes, no screws, so that the roof is easy to install and completely sealed.

It is the only known material for light and yet light-transmitting roofing, which allows the execution of a continuous canopy of any length without the need for expansion joints. The shape of the profile of the panels and mounting cover protects against the adverse impact of thermal deformation. The possibility of free travel on the panel latches preclude the occurrence of adverse systemic stress which has a direct impact on the stability of the system.
Panels create aesthetic, durable and interesting in the form of spatial canopies, which recognize the advantages of both designers, architects and users of the system.

The roof panel is easy to maintain. Because the material from which it sproduced is a millimetre thick polycarbonate solid, is not subject to the phenomenon of internal contamination from algae that can be found in canopies made of transparent sheet pile. Panels mounted in an arc are particularly easy to maintain, because the rain washes easily from them dust and other contaminants.

They came with 10 years guaranty.

All prices include fitting.

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